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Between 1959 and 1963 in Florida, USA Alex Hawkes produced his "Bromeliad Papers" and in trying to tidy up hybrids listed by Mez in the Bromeliad Monograph in Das Pflanzenreich (1935) without specific names, gave them names after friends, both human and feline, and after place names. None of the plants were in existence in the USA. Most had originated some 30 years earlier but the meticulous Europeans had not considered them worthy of a latinised name as was the rule at that time. In any event these plants would undoubtedly have been non-existent in Europe by the 1960's.

Alex Hawkes's names are listed below for reference should anyone in the future again come across the "Bromeliad Papers" and wonder why the names have not been accepted as Cultivar names. There is a clash of interpretation between the ICBN rules which relies on dead herbarium material and accepts a certain variability in definitions of species. On the other hand the ICNCP rules cover the living plant and its propagation, and has a certain narrow definition of a Cultivar. Hawkes's names were not acknowledged in Smith's Flora Neotropica 1979.

Billbergia Brazil distachia v. distachia x nutans
Billbergia Coconut Grove bakeri x speciosa
Billbergia Don Leo F. Salazar zebrina x sanderiana
Billbergia Katherine H Chatham decora x iridifolia
Billbergia Kee-Kee xoberthueri x speciosa
Billbergia Lois Hancock decora x saundersii
(note that this hybrid prevails under xleopoldii as in Flora Neotropica p2035
Billbergia Mibbs Whelan pyramidalis x nutans
Billbergia Mousie lietzei x nutans
Billbergia Nefertiti nutans x amoena v. amoena
Billbergia Oon-Tah xoberthueri (or vittata x speciosa)
Billbergia Puddles vittata x xoberthueri
Billbergia Santa Maria de Ostuma horrida x amoena v. amoena
Billbergia Yaki euphemiae x amoena
Guzvriesea Carl Mez Vriesea incurvata x Guzmania zahnii
Nidularium Beryl Allen innocentii x billbergioides (bracteata)
Nidularium Robert Agnew innocentii v. paianum x procerum
xNidulistrum Frank H Overton Nid billbergioides (bracteata) x Can. lindenii v. roseum
Pitcairnia Christiane Heller punicea x xanthocalyx
Pitcairnia Flor de Luz integrifolia (anthericoides) x xanthocalyx

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