Online Discussions

There are number of different ways to participate in online discussions focusing on bromeliads. A few of them are listed below:

Bromeliad Taxonomists and Growers Discussion List (brom-L)

The Bromeliad Taxonomists and Growers Discussion List hosted by the University Utrecht Botanic Garden. This list was created to share and discuss information and experiences of bromeliad taxonomists and growers.

The discussions will include, but not be restricted to:

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Bromeliads-for-beginners Yahoo Group

Bromeliads-for-beginners is an email discussion group about plants in the Bromeliad plant family. Our purpose is to educate gardeners about this plant family. You may feel free to ask any question with no fear that it will be considered silly by other people.

We will always encourage you to look for plant societies in your area that deal with this specific plant family. However, this is not a requirement for membership in this list.

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Bromeliad Forum on

The BSI now hosts a forum for discussing bromeliads. This forum is open to the public but you must register to post to the forum. Click here to visit the BSI bromeliad forum

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