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Where To Get Them?

As bromeliads gain popularity, more and more varieties can be found in local nurseries, the garden sections of home improvement centers and even grocery stores. These usually include some of the more showy and easy to grow varieties including: Tillandsia ionantha, Aechmea fasciata, Tillandsia cyanea and several Guzmania and Vriesea hybrids.

While these are excellent plants (especially for the beginner), many bromeliad enthusiasts develop a collector's urge to obtain new and interesting varieties (both hybrids and species). Bromeliad societies meetings are excellent places build a collection. By their very nature, most bromeliads produce a good number of pups once the mother plant has bloomed. Many collectors soon find themselves overrun with plants which they bring in to the sales or raffle tables of their local society. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain some interesting plants at a very reasonable price.

Additionally, there are a number of retail nurseries that specialize in bromeliads. The two lists available from this page which contain the contact information for a number of nurseries and private growers. It is hoped that this information may prove useful in helping the enthusiast in building their collections. You may find some of these places conveniently located in your local area. Some have excellent websites where you can shop online and have your plants shipped right to your door. If you know of a bromeliad nursery anywhere in the world that you think should be on this list, please email the webmaster with the information so it may be included.

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