Taxonomy Primer

This section of the BSI website will contain copies of the series of articles originally printed in the BSI Journal. This new series of articles is an extension to an original article which appeared in 1993 in the Journal. The goal of the series is to explain the role of taxonomy as it is used to define our understanding of the bromeliad family in particular and botanical science in general. It is hoped that these articles will provide the lay-reader with clear explanations of some of the concents and techniques used by taxonomists. Recent research is likely to require name changes for some well known species and even genera and it is hoped that, through this series, the readers will have an understanding of the rational behind the changes when the occur.

Topics to be addressed in this series will include: taxonomic units, traditional morphological character data, molecular data, and phylogenetics. Articles in this series will appear on the website shortly after their publication in the Journal providing an easily accessible, long-term repository for this taxonomic primer.

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