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BSI Membership… A Bargain!

Eloise Beach, Tom Wolfe & Bruce Holst

Being a member of the BSI is more than any one thing. Think of it as being part of an extended international family, bringing together people from all walks of life who share a common interest in this fabulous plant family. BSI membership allows you to expand your bromeliad knowledge in many directions, contact and visit collectors in distant lands, witness amazing displays of stunning hybrids and unusual species at world conferences and regional shows, and gives you the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of a fascinating and important group of plants.

In nature, bromeliads are sometimes referred to as keystone species, that is, they provide an important source of food and shelter for many of the creatures of the tropical and subtropical forest canopies. In our yards and public places, they provide a source of beauty and tropical imagery, and in our minds, they remind us of nature's beauty and intricacy.

When you are a member of the Bromeliad Society International, you will…

  1. Receive this Journal of the Bromeliad Society, six times per year. The Journal is the flagship publication of the BSI and is intended for the amateur and professional grower as well as the bromeliad scientist and conservationist. The Journal is well illustrated in color and black and white and contains information and advice for all levels.
  2. Obtain Online Members-Only Benefits (www.bsi.org), which include having access to:
  3. Besides the above membership perks, all members and the general public can learn much more. The BSI web site provides the following:
  4. Don't Have a Computer or Internet Access? The BSI also supports many activities throughout the year:

You can download an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file containing the benefits of being a BSI member listed above by clicking the icon below. This document fits on two pages and can be printed double-sided for use as a handout.


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