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BSI Website

The Bromeliad Society International website is created and maintained by a small group of volunteers who try to combine their skills with computers and the Internet with their fascination and appreciation of the natural world in general, and the family Bromeliaceae in particular.

While, as in most organizations, only a few members are called upon to use their talents in service of the overall Society, new technologies such as email and Web publishing have increased the ease with which members of an organization can communicate with each other. It is our hope that this website will be of benefit to its members and the web-browsing public as a whole. In order to make this website into a useful tool for knowledge dissemination, members (as well as non-members who come across the site) are encouraged to provide positive feedback to the webmaster. Positive feedback may contain suggestions for additional information or services that might make the site more usable, interesting, educational, interactive or enjoyable. Even comments or suggestions pointing out problems or weaknesses of the site can still be positive feedback (especially if they provide possible solutions or are at least constructive in tone).

This website belongs more to its viewers than its creators so feel free to pitch in and contribute your opinion on how to improve the site.

The pages on this website are routinely tested with IE 7 & 8, Firefox 3.x and Safari 4. This accounts for about 80% of the browsers that we see. I've stopped testing IE 6 now that IE 8 is released. You really shouldn't use IE6 anymore: it's very old!

Send feedback to the webmaster@bsi.org today.

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