The Society's Insignia

The Bromeliad Society's Insignia was designed by M. B. Foster from significant parts of the bromeliad. The outside circle with jagged edge represents the spiny margins found on the leaves of most genera of the two subfamilies called Pitcairnioideae and Bromelioideae, such as the genera Billbergia, Ananas, Dyckia, Puya, etc. The plain inner circle represents the smooth-edged leaves found in the subfamily Tillandsioideae such as the Vriesea, Tiullandsia, Guzmania, etc. The heavily inked spots on either side of the words "organized 1950" represent the microscopic peltate scales formed on the leaves of all bromeliads. In the center, the epiphytic Vriesea growing on a tree limb represents on of the most recurring types of inflorescence formation throughout the two largest genera, Vriesea and Tillandsia.

In 2000, the Bromeliad Society added "International" to its bylaws, becoming The Bromeliad Society International. Color was added to the logo for the web site and other applications desiring color. In 2003 the word "International" was added to the Insignia (Logo or Seal). There was not enough room to add the word International between the jagged edge and the smooth inner circle so both "The" before the words Bromeliad Society and "organized 1950" at the bottom were omitted. The date 1950 was placed in the tree branch on the right of the insignia to signify the date organized and International was placed at the bottom of the circle between the jagged edge and the smooth inner circle.

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