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Bromeliad Binomials

Binomials List

As an added benefit to membership in the BSI, the last edition of the Alphabetical List of Bromeliad Binomials (commonly called the Binomial List) that has been compiled by the late Harry Luther (last version edited by Bruce Holst), is available for download along with supporting files (synonyms) from the links below:

  • An Alphabetical List of Bromeliad Binomials — Version 2014
  • Synonyms Listed In Smith & Downs Monograph – Version 2006

New List

Permanently updated lists are directly available from the ‘Bromeliads->Taxonomy’ menu. A list of Accepted Names (PDF 10-10-2016) and the new Bromeliad Taxon List. The list of Accepted Names does not have any synonyms listed and is suitable for printing. The new Bromeliad Taxon List includes all names used in literature and gives correct names if synonymous. Both lists are based on the Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads database.

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