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November 2017 Update: Conference Schedule Summary

[subject to change; Conference Program will supersede.]


Date/time          Happening                                                                                                 


Tuesday            8:00 a.m. Judges School and 9:00 a.m. BSI board meeting; show/displays set-up

May 29th           12:00–2:00 Conference registration; Board and WBC organizers dinner


Wednesday      9:00–3:00 Conference registration

May 30th           8:00–11:00 & 3:00–5:00 Intake for show plants & 9:00-11:00 & 3:00–5:00 judging

11:30 a.m. – Opening Session

1:30­–5:00 Plant Sale opens to registrants only; early-bird raffle 1:30­–2:00.


Thursday          9:00–12:00 Plant Sale & 10:00–12:00 Plant Show to registrants only

May 31st            Optional Bus Excursion afternoon, ending at San Diego Botanic Garden

(Optional Bus Excursion is $60 per participant.)


Friday               Continental breakfast for all registrants.

June 1st             9:00–5:00 Plant Sale & Show open for registrants only

                         9:00–3:30 Seminars/speakers

5:00–10:00 p.m. No-host bar reception and Rare Plant Auction


Saturday           9:00–12:00 Show and Sales (Plant Sale open to the public Saturday & Sunday only)

June 2nd            9:00–11:30 Seminars/speakers

11:00–12:30 Judges Certification Committee

1:00–5:00 Urban Local Tours via Trolley Bus to member homes & Botanical Building in Balboa Park (included for all registrants).

6:00–7:00 p.m. No-host bar reception, Sunset Deck with views of Mission Bay

7:00–10:00 p.m. Evening banquet and keynote speech.


Sunday             9:00–4:00 Show and Sales open to the public

June 3rd            8:00–10:00 Cryptanthus Society Annual Membership & Board Meeting

10:00–12:00 BSI Board Follow up Meeting


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