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Newsletter Articles

Many affiliated bromeliad societies have monthly newsletters for their members. Often these newsletters contain short articles on a variety of bromeliad related topics from cultural tips to interesting stories and anecdotes to new discoveries in the taxonomy or biology of these plants.

As a resource to the newsletter editors of our affiliated societies, this section will attempt to maintain a collection of articles appropriate for use in monthly newsletters. The only stipulation for using these articles is that proper attribution of the author and the author's society be included along with the article in the newsletter.

The power of this resource lies in gathering the largest number of articles on the widest range of topics possible. To this end, if you have access to articles that you feel would be a useful addition to this collection, please contact the webmaster with the information.

Another great source of articles for your society's newsletter is the wealth (over 50 years) of information contained in the Journal of the Bromeliad Society (commonly known as the "Journal"). A number of interesting extracts from the Journal are available for use as articles to fill the pages of your newsletters.

Click the Journal icon below to see the list of available articles. This list will be added to over time, so check back occasionally and see what's new.

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