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BSI Seed Fund

The BSI Seed Fund acts as a clearinghouse for the exchange and distribution of bromeliads by seed. This is an excellent method of obtaining many uncommon or even rare plants that have not found their way into common cultivation yet. With a little patience, you can have the satisfaction of growing a plant from germination up to flowering size. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that the seeds are as described. The BSI seed fund has been around a long time and experience shows that most seeds are as described, however, it's not uncommon to find that some offerings contain hybrid seeds. Conditions of the BSI Seed Fund are as follows:

Seed Availability For December 2012

  • castelnavii
  • dactylina
  • kuntzeana
  • Marcelino F2
  • mertensii
  • nudicaulis pendulous
  • nudicaulis Red
  • pubescens
  • recurvata Big Mama F2
  • recurvata Big Red F2
  • recurvata Sunset F2
  • Richard Kenney x Billarium unnamed ex Dan K.
  • El Capitan x Richard Kenney F2
  • Domingos Martins x elegans
  • Arizona F2
  • Baker 1 x reitzii
  • Big Black F2
  • brevifolia
  • choristaminea
  • Dakota F2
  • goehringii
  • Keswick Paylen Brittlestar Arizona
  • platyphylla Frosted F2
  • platyphylla x carlsbad F2
  • pulguinensis
  • Southbay F2
  • velascana
  • camdrimiana
  • Milagro F2
  • zonata
  • xanthocalyx
  • mirabilis
  • utriculata
  • hybrid, small red
  • sucreii
** = Limit 1 packet of 10 seeds
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