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Meeting Time/Place

The Sacramento Bromeliad & Carnivorous Plant Society will hold meetings on the 3rd Wednesday, with the exception of the months of December, January and May.

Next meeting: Wednesday, Sep 19, 7:00 PM

Meetings start at 7:00 pm and are held at the Shepard Garden and Arts Center located in McKinley Park at 3330 McKinley Blvd, Sacramento, Ca.
Guests and questions are welcome.

Program for September 19

Sundews - Nature's Glistening Goblins

Keith Smith will revisit a program on sundews, given By Chet Blackburn in February 2014.

With at least 194 species, the carnivorous plant genus Drosera, a.k.a. the sundews, is the second largest genus of carnivorous plants. The genus has a worldwide distribution, with various species occurring everywhere from hot tropical situations to icy mountainsides. This is a very colorful and diverse group of plants in terms of shape, size and cultural requirements.

The leaves of sundews are covered with hair-like stalks that terminate in tiny globes of glistening mucilage that entrap and digest unwary insects. The insects supplement the poor mineral nutrition of the soil in which the sundews grow. Their carnivorous nature was introduced to the world by none other than Charles Darwin himself.

Presenter: Keith Smith

Keith Smith has been a society member since 1975. He blames Chet Blackburn for introducing him to bromeliads and turning him into an addict (he has failed the bromeliad rehab program numerous times). Chet later added to his problems by organizing the Carnivorous Plant section of the Society and introducing him to another addictive plant material.

He grows his bromeliads, carnivores (and aloes) in a minimally heated 40' X 24' home-built greenhouse in Auburn. He has presented numerous programs to the Sacramento and other Societies and has grown to love variegated plants of every genus, species and hybrid.

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Meeting Dates for 2018

Next Meeting: Oct 17
Oct 17
Nov 21, last meeting of 2018

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