FEBRUARY 2009



Meeting: Wednesday, 25 February at 7:30 pm in the Rotunda Room at the
Veterans Memorial Hall.

Speakers: A panel of experts including our own Alan Levy and Don
Misumi will give a demo on bromeliad cultivation and show preparation.

Raffle:  Ray Van Veen will supply the raffle table.

Drinks:  Gloria Grover and Vince Wong 

Food:  Nick Antrilli, Al Palacio, and Sheila Perez


                         Membership News

Thank you to all the members who paid on time.
A Big Welcome to Three New Members -- Please welcome three new members
who signed up at the last meeting: Janet Golden, Katsuko Nakagawa, and
Marsha Steinberg.

Membership dues are only $5!! If you haven't paid, I will be
collecting dues at the next meeting.  Make checks payable to LBVBS.
Membership checks can also be mailed to me.

    LBVBS c/o Gloria Grover 
    (address redacted)
Gloria Grover, Membership Chair.


                    Refreshment Sign-up List

Volunteers are needed to bring food and/or drinks to the March 
through October meetings!  Please sign up with Denise Pidd at 
the next meeting.



The La Ballona Valley Bromeliad Society meets the fourth Wednesday of
each month, January through October, in the Rotunda Room at Veterans
Memorial Hall, 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City.

Emmit Willis, President
Jim Jaeger, Vice-President
Don Misumi, Treasurer
Gloria Grover, Membership
Jean Yoshii, Newsletter (Have an item for the newsletter?  Please
  email it to (email address redacted) or mail it through the post.)