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The Sacramento Bromeliad & Carnivorous Plant Society will hold meetings on the 3rd Wednesday, with the exception of the months of December, January and May.

Next meeting: Wednesday, Nov 18, 7:00 PM

Meetings start at 7:00 pm and are held at the Shepard Garden and Arts Center
located in McKinley Park at 3330 McKinley Blvd, Sacramento, Ca.

Guests and questions are welcome.

Program for November 18, 2015

Brazilian Journey with Dennis Cathcart

Join Dennis on a trip to the States of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina to see the cornucopia of bromeliads, and even a few droseras.

"Any trip of nearly six weeks duration would be difficult to cover with a slide presentation but with exposure to so many varied locations, it is simply impossible to adequately portray. With that in mind I will simply show the highlights of a sampling of localities which we visited and attempt to show the scope of what we encountered as best I can. Brazil is a treat for the senses. There is almost no aspect of Brazil that isn't superlative. The scenery is as varied as any place on earth with its vastness encompassing many different and diverse biological zones and climates. The natural beauty of Brazil is world famous from its famed beaches and beautiful mountains to its massive rivers; the world’s largest, massive forests; the world’s largest, massive wetlands; the world’s largest and climates ranging from wet, hot tropical to temperate with winter frost and snow."

Presenter: Dennis Cathcart, owner of Tropiflora
Linda and I own and operate Tropiflora, established in 1976, which has become one of the largest collector-oriented exotic plant nurseries in the United States. Tillandsias and other bromeliads are a specialty as well as a wide assortment of rare succulents, myrmecophytes, aroids, orchids and more. We published the 'Cargo Report' catalog/newsletter for 19 years until we retired it in favor of a web-based business plan in 2010. We still stay in touch with our customers throughout the world and try to bring them into the world we know, a fascinating one of adventure and beauty.

Tropiflora specializes in rare and exotic plants, featuring bromeliads, but including orchids, cycads, caudiciforms, succulents, ferns, palms and more. Tropiflora maintains the largest variety of bromeliads, especially Tillandsias, available in the USA. Our stock of exotic plants runs well over 7000 varieties, with an inventory in excess of one million five hundred thousand plants. Tropiflora maintains a comprehensive website, with color photos and cultural information for all the plant varieties offered.

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Meeting Dates for 2015

Next Meeting: Nov 18, last meeting of 2015

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