Photos from our July 2, 2017 potluck at the home of Barbara Smiley and Charlie Pribus.


Our hosts welcome us at the garden gate:


The beautiful party venue.










This beautiful purple vine can become a tree! It is a PODRANEA RICASOLIANA (also known as Pink Trumpet Vine, Port St. Johns Creeper, Zimbabwe Creeper, Queen of Sheba)


Notice how nicely the Caladium blends with bromeliads and succulents.




Guests begin to arrive and set up the buffet.









Time to eat!










You’re looking at about 7 million calories on the dessert table.



Ted Johnson announces Show details to an attentive audience.







A few last group shots before we say goodbye.






Ted asks for a cutting from the Podranea vine, but digs up a major sapling with a huge roo (in his left hand)t. That’s some “cutting,” Ted!


Many thanks to Mary Chan and Barbara Smiley for augmenting the photos taken by Katherine Poehlmann for this collection.