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68(3)105-168 (PDF/A 2900 KBytes) published online: September 04 2019
image 68(3)105-168.jpg is missing! World Bromeliad Conference 2018, San Diego - Part 1
    Juliana Raposo
May 2018 - The World Bromeliad Conference 2018 was hosted by the San Diego Bromeliad Society (SDBS). This was the third WBC hosted by San Diego after hosting similar events in 1994 and 2006. Our logo (Fig. 1), featuring a Neoregelia, became a constant part of our lives during the months of preparation. The venue was Paradise Point, a tropical-themed island resort in the middle of San Diego Bay. A lush landscape, bay views (Fig. 2), and beautiful outdoor spaces set BSI's bi-annual gathering to a great start. All social functions and lectures were held in a great room facing the bay, and the large deck surrounding it was the perfect spot to mingle. The adjacent sales and show pavilion, a large tent-like structure, was bathed in natural light and ocean breezes (Fig. 3). There was plenty of room for vendors and show displays alike.

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