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68(4)236-253 (PDF/A 1457 KBytes) published online: December 17 2019
image 68(4)236-253.jpg is missing! World Bromeliad Conference 2018, San Diego - Part 2
    Juliana Raposo
After a beautiful morning perusing the bromeliads at the show, we headed to the buses for our first garden tour. Our destination was San Diego's North County, home to some of the best gardens in town. First visited was Dan Kinnard and Eloise Lau's home in Vista. The couple's house boasts unique organic architecture by James Hubbell and first-class art by the homeowners (Fig 34), all of which are worth the trek even for non-bromeliophyles. On arrival, a spread of Dan's yummy baked goodies was a treat one could not pass by (Fig. 35). In the garden, hardy terrestrials like Puya, Hechtia and Dyckia grow on the hillsides among fruit trees, while a spacious shadehouse hosts the more tender plants. Dan and Eloise have a beautiful all-around bromeliad collection, but I specially admire their billbergias.

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