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69(2b pp. 6) (PDF/A 4767 KBytes) published online: March 19 2020
image 69(2b pp. 6).jpg is missing! Guzmania bismarckii Rauh vs. Guzmania lindenii (Andre) Mez
    Eric J. Gouda
Guzmania bismarckii Rauh (1984a) was based on material found in 1980 near Riojain Moyobamba, Northern Peru. Rauh noted the material was closely related to G.lindenii (Andre) Mez (1896) and determined it ranked as a new species because itwas sufficiently different to G. lindenii plants he had seen in Oxapampa. My workshows that the Moyobamba material is closer to the type of G. lindenii than Rauh's Oaxapampa plants are.See also Rauh (1984b), Moore (1995) and Bismarck (1997).Werner Rauh (1983) published pictures of plants he identified as Guzmania lindenii,collected in the Oxapampa area, that are showing a more divided inflorescencewith more slender (cylindric) spikes than shown in the so-called Morren Icon (fig. 1,Schlumbergeria lindeni (Andre) E.Morren 1883). Contrary to what Rauh wrote, thetype of Guzmania lindenii is also from N. Peru and not from the Oxapampa area andthe Morren icon is showing a plant that is more like the Moyobamba specimen (thetype of Guzmania bismarckii) than the Oxapampa one. I concluded that Guzmaniabismarckii Rauh should be considered a synonym of G. lindenii (Andre) Mez (1896).

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