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69(pp.10) (PDF/A 502 KBytes) published online: May 13 2020
image 69(pp.10).jpg is missing! Natural hybrids of Tillandsia argentina
    Eric Gouda
Some Tillandsia species easily form hybrids with other Tillandsia species and some likeTillandsia complanata Bentham (1846) even hybridize with species of other genera.Tillandsia argentina Wright (1907) is one that easily forms hybrids with other species.So probably there is a lack of physiological barriers between this and other species thatprobably did not occur in the past in the same distributional area. It is known thatunrelated Tillandsia species that do not grow in the same area can easily be crossedwith each other, because there are no physiological or biotic or abiotic barriers whichare needed to avoid hybridizing. As biotic factors you can think of pollinators thatdo not visit both species or different flowering time during the year, and as an abioticfactor different elevation.

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