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66(2)3 (PDF/A 826 KBytes) published online: May 13 2020
image 66(2)3.jpg is missing! Notes on the floral biology, seed morphology and post-seminal development of Vriesea minarum L.B.Sm., an endangered Bromeliaceae of Southeastern Brazil
    Pāmela Lavor et al.
Vriesea minarum is a bromeliad endemic to the Iron Quadrangle region in Minas Gerais state, Brazil and is currently listed as an endangered species. The aim of our study was to investigate the species floral biology, breeding system, and post-seminal development. Observations and experiments were conducted in the Rola-Mo?a State Park. Flowers have morphological characteristics typical for the genus but we discuss the position of the ovary, oversimplified in some papers as superior. Seed set indicates that V. minarum is predominantly outcrossing, but self-compatible as well. The floral biology indicates flower protandry, and suggests a mixed pollination syndrome, as was observed recently in other bromeliads. Due to the survival risk facing this species, we suggest that more studies investigating the potential to preserve germplasm should be conducted, since its seeds appear to have a limited viability

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