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Genus: Hohenbergia

Hohenbergia is a genus of the subfamily Bromelioideae. It is native to the West Indies, the Yucatan Peninsula, and northern and eastern South America (mainly Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil) where they grow terrestrially and epiphitically in a wide range of habitats. The genus name is for the Prince of Wurttemberg, German patron of botany known as Hohenberg. The genus had two recognized subgenera: the type subgenus and Wittmackiopsis, however, recent taxonomic studies (Aguirre-Santoro, 2017) showed the two subgenera are not monophyletic, and the species of subg. Wittmackiopsis have now been transferred to the resurrected genus Wittmackia.

Number of accepted species in this genus is 55 (source: species counts in the Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads).
Hohenbergia stellata Photo by Graeme Barclay

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