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Bromeliad Species Database

Please ensure you read and understand the features and conditions of use of the Bromeliad Species Database (BSD) below, before using it.

1. About the BSD

1.1 Taxon List

The BSD Taxon List (index on the left) is standard showing all accepted Bromeliaceae genera and species names, including varieties, forms and subspecies. The list is based on the List of Accepted Bromeliaceae Names, which is based on the Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads. It is continually updated on a daily basis.

1.2 Photo Gallery

The BSD Photo Gallery is based on FloraPix Bromeliad Gallery and the functions of its use is similar. It includes photographs identified to species level or above. The Indexes and Photo Gallery are available for every bromeliad enthusiast to access, upload photos to the relevant species page and make comments at any time. The Photo Gallery upload function includes two visibility options:

  1. Leaving the "Members Only Content" check box unticked, means photos and data is visible to the public (non members) as well as members. They are then automatically also visible in the linked Florapix Photo Gallery website.
  2. Ticking the "Members Only Content" check box to make full-size images and data available for "BSI Members Only". These protected images are then available for BSI Members Only to access and are indicated in the Gallery with a red dot on them before logging in - the image thumbnails are visible to all users of the BSD. These photos are NOT shared to the Florapix Photo Gallery.

All photos loaded into the BSD are automatically protected with a watermark.

1.3 Resource Files and Identification Keys

The BSD Resource Files are based on Derek Butcher's (Uncle Derek's) archive gatherings of Bromeliad resources. Over 36.000 files are linked in the BSD, including all species descriptions and identification keys, as well as images and drawings of species, often from the botanical literature and protologs. These files are available as a reference for BSI members only - you can join BSI here with an Electronic Online Membership of only US$15 for new members to gain full access. All files uploaded into this section must be approved by the BSD Manager before they will show up.

1.4 Member Log in Procedure

Due to BSI website security measures, you must login with your BSI account and be able to view the member only files.

  1. Click the "Log in for full access, click here", or click "Login Info" from the blue menu line above.
  2. Login with your email address and you will see your address information etc. (if you do not succeed, try to reset your password from there, an email will be send to you to confirm the password you entered).
  3. Click on "BSD" from the menu line above again to open the BSD.

1.5 Database Search Function

The BSD Database can be searched using taxon (species) names for quick access to all Resource Files containing that name. These searchable photos and files are fully visible (full-size with data accessible) to BSI Members, but show thumbnails only without data to non-members.

2. File Usage Rules and Disclaimer

2.1 Photographs and all other files archived in the BSD may be shared or used without restriction ONLY for educational, study purposes/publications, or bromeliad society use, provided correct reference is given to the BSD and credit is made to the photographer/author in each instance of use.

2.2 Photographs and files specifically marked as 'Copyright' or (c) that are archived within the BSD, must have permission obtained directly from the author before use.

2.3 Photographs and files used for commercial purposes, including advertising in any form, is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the author.

2.4 The Bromeliad Society International Inc (BSI) shall not be held responsible or liable at any time for unwarranted distribution, reproduction or monitoring of any photos, files or the content of discussion comments that are archived within the BSD, nor for any losses or defamations that may occur as a result of such actions.

3. Uploading and Sharing - How YOU can help

3.1 The BSD has been designed as a collaborative platform to enable bromeliad enthusiasts from around the world to share photos and discussion of all bromeliad species. We invite your participation to upload your photo collections and share your experiences via the discussion feature. We are especially interested in collaboration with rare species and those that are lacking in quality photos and information.

3.2 Photos and discussion comments may be uploaded by anyone at any time but are subject to approval. Users understand and agree that BSD Administration may either redesignate or remove photographs with dubious identification (after discussion and peer review) and either edit or remove discussion comments in the interests of maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the BSD database.

3.3 Using any of the photo or file upload functions in the BSD confirms the user's binding agreement that any photos, files, text or discussion uploaded and subsequently archived may then be used freely at any time by other users without the express permission of BSI, or the author, provided correct reference is given to the BSD and credit is made to the appropriate photographer/author and all other conditions of use mentioned on this page will apply.

3.4 Users understand and agree that all "Non Member" public photos and discussion comments uploaded will be shared automatically and instantly without interference with the Florapix website and that the author name and date of such material will be archived in both the BSD and Florapix for all other users to see.

Please enjoy using the BSD and invite other bromeliad enthusiasts to participate!
All enquiries should be directed via email to BSD Manager - Graeme Barclay -