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BSI Journal Binder

image The New BSI binders are black with gold printing and logos (new image soon). They hold 12 issues (2 years worth) of the BSI Journal. They measure 10" x 6.75" x 2.50". Price in sets of 5.


Air Plants The Curious World of Tillandsias

image Combines art and horticulture. Many color photos with growing instructions and ideas for using tillandsias in a variety of creative ways.
(softcover, 224 pages)
$20.00 a flat price, no discount

Bromeliaceae III

image Oliva-Esteve's third book on bromeliads is richly illustrated with color photographs and line drawings. A total of 320 bromeliad species from throughout the Neotropics, representing 29 genera, are described and pictured. Spectacular habitat photographs set the scene for the plants.


image Published by the BSI in 1977. It was translated from the German by Adda Abendroth. Although dated, this little (6" x 9") soft cover book's 92 pages are packed with still valuable information on the botany, culture, and propagation of bromeliads. It is mostly text, but it does contain black & white and color photographs
$1.00 a flat price, no discount
Quantity Price Breaks: (1-9) $2.50/1.50, (10+) $2.00/1.00

Bromeliads for Home and Garden

image Contains many color photos with tips on how to grow the broms, and advice on designs for your garden.
(softcover, 2011, 159 pages)
$20.00 a flat price, no discount

Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden

image This sumptuous 198 page hard cover book has been written for gardeners who love gardening with Bromeliads. Masses of information on landscaping with Bromeliads, in shady or sunny gardens, as epiphytes on trees or rocks, as greenhouse plants or in pots. Glorious photos of garden scenes complement the text. There are descriptions of over 450 species and hybrids, most of which are easily obtainable for the average gardener with approximately 300 colour photos to help with identification. The Bromeliad fancier will find much information of value, including extensive notes on cultivating Bromeliads, from seed and pup, and priceless tips on feeding, flowering, watering and light levels for top-quality Bromeliads, from a leading commercial grower.
Book is 8.5 inches by 10.25 inches, 198 pages

Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest

image This is Leme's fourth book on bromeliads, following Bromeliads in the Brazilian Wilderness (1993); Canistrum: Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest (1997); and Canistropsis: Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest (1998). This work largely on the genus Nidularium, finishes the trilogy focused on southeastern Brazilian bromeliad genera. The trilogy fulfills a unique position in bromeliad books. They are neither mere coffee-table books with copious fine photos, nor are they so scientific that they exclude the average reader. They form a set of very well bound, colorful and well laid-out books written intelligently and with passion. They are unrivaled in bromeliad books for their coverage of the biology of a particular group.

The book is divided into 11 chapters, several of which were composed by other authors:
1. The Genus Nidularium; 2. Key to the species and varieties of Nidularium; 3. Nidularium: species and varieties; 4. Doubtful and excluded taxa; 5. Hummingbird pollination of Nidularium and related genera (by M. Sazima, Buzato & I. Sazima); 6. Molecular data and the Bromeliaceae (by G.K. Brown); 7. Pollen fertility in the nidularioid complex: a preliminary study (by de Souza & Leme); 8. Supplement: Canistrum; 9. Supplement: Wittrockia; 10. Supplement: Neoregelia subgen. Longipetalopsis; and 11. Cladistic analyses in the nidularioid complex (G.K. Brown & Leme).
Leme recognizes 45 species in Nidularium (each illustrated), divided into three complexes (the "Blue Complex" with 27 species, the "Red Complex" with 7 species, and the "White Complex" with 11 species. These complexes are furthermore divided into several natural 'subcomplexes' each. A complete key to the species and varieties he recognizes is provided, and for each taxon, the taxonomic and/or nomenclatural synonymy, a full morphological description, citation of herbarium specimens examined, a discussion of its taxonomy and useful characteristics for identification, and distribution and habitat. With all these varied subjects, the nidularioid genera of the bromeliads may in fact be the best and most carefully studied groups in the family. All of Leme's books are strongly recommended for anyone interested in bromeliads, and should serve as a model for future books written on bromeliad.
264 pages - 232 color & 48 B/W

Fragments of the Atlantic Forest of Northeast Brazil Biodiversity, Conservation, and the Bromeliads

image The Northeast Atlantic forest of Brazil is an ecosystem that is severely threatened by human development. The authors present a comprehensive examination of the effects of land exploitation and they document the plant and animal species which have been affected by loss of habitat. Scores of color photos of rarely seen broms. Limited edition in English.
9 1/2 x 12 inches, 415 pages, Hardbound

Growing Bromeliads 3rd edition

image The book includes sections on the biology of the bromeliads. It has descriptions of ten of the major genera as well as lesser known genera with 14 pages of color photos.
(softcover, The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc. 135 pages)

Jewels of the Jungle Bromeliaceae of Ecuador, Part 1 - Bromelioideae

image Part I of a trilogy on the study of the Bromeliaceae of Ecuador. Each species is shown in detail with a description of the plant, collections studied, distribution, etymology, keys and detailed photographs
It is a large hardback limited and numbered edition with 240 pages and 341 illustrations

Jewels of the Jungle Bromeliaceae of Ecuador, Part II - Pitcairnioideae

image The Pitcairnioideae is the 2nd volume of a trilogy on the study of the Bromeliaceae of Ecuador. It contains 303 pages in full color.
"This book is a major step forward in the knowledge of the Pitcairnia and Puya in Ecuador. It is a worthy successor to his treatment of the Bromelioideae and must not be absent from both scientific and private librarie
Available in English or Spanish

Mountain Plants of Venezuela The Coastal Range, The Andes, and The Tropics

image Mountain Plants of Venezuela The Coastal Range, The Andes, and The Tropics by Francisco Oliva-Esteve, Caracas, 2006.
Lush color photography of trees, shrubs, flowers of the various ecoclimates of Venezuela. 75 pages exclusively on the bromeliaceae.
9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches Hardbound, 339 pages
$155.00 a flat price, no discount

Native Bromeliads of Florida

127 pages, color photos, descriptions of each species, 40 pages devoted to bromeliads in general, and specifically to the Florida species and their growing environment.
Pineapple Press, hardcover
$15.00 a flat price, no discount

New Tillandsia Handbook

image Signed and inscribed by Takizawa to Joyce Brehm (past president of BSI). color photos of tillandsias with names, descriptions in both Japanese and English
Like new. One copy only.
$245.00 a flat price, no discount

Searching for Miss Fortuna

image An intriguing novel inspired by true events. The Bromeliad world has never seen anything like it!
This bizarre adventure laced with offbeat humor, odd characters, and vivid descriptions chronicles an obsession with collecting a rare bromeliad.
After shelling out thousands of dollars in a cutthroat auction for one small but captivating plant, an unbridled frenzy drives The Man from Florida into a blind rush to gather more of those beauties from their hidden rainforest habitat. He hires a happy-go-lucky free spirit from Costa Rica as guide and translator, and races off to the Panamanian wilderness to hunt down the "goddesses from Fortuna." Two polar opposites don't mix well cooped up in a jeep searching the back roads of paradise for a rare botanical treasure. Juju magic comes along for the ride and crazy things begin to happen. The mischievous guide is the irreverent narrator of this weird story--touching on obsession, vanity, and bruised egos--unfolding mostly in Central America, where the unexpected flourishes and multiplies.
As you delve into this quirky world, offbeat characters will bombard you with surprises. A singing cow tick, a zombie-like woman in a tropical ski chair, a flying toupee, and a tongue-tied fruit lover are merely hints of the maze of "bizarro" you'll encounter. So go ahead, turn the pages and learn a slew of lessons on why you should be choosy about traveling companions when journeying into the unknown. Between the laughs and the gasps, feel free to wonder if all of this really happened. Maybe it did or maybe it didn't, but the perplexing enigma remains: Nothing can become truth until it's in writing.
Soft Cover - 383 pages - 8.5" x 5.5"

The Book of Bromeliads and Hawaiian Tropical Flowers

image The Book of Bromeliads and Hawaiian Tropical Flowers by Ron Parkhurst is a 216 page coffee table style book with a multitude of identification photos (over 650). It is designed to give simple and informative information about Bromeliads, along with names and picture identification.There are 17 chapters, including 'History of Bromeliads', 'Care of Bromeliads"', 'Pests of Bromeliads', 'Families of Bromeliads', 'Floral arrangements of Bromeliads', 'Tropical Flowers"' and 'Hybrid Bromeliads'.

Tillandsia II

image Hardcover, 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. 288 pages, hundreds of color photos, includes chapters on species, hybrids, a biographical history, taxonomy and biology. A follow-up to Isley's 1987 classic Tillandsia (long out of print).
$72.00 a flat price, no discount

World of Tillandsias

image 96 pages, hardcover 430 color photos of tillandsias with descriptions in Czech and English
Signed by the author, out of print.
$85.00 a flat price, no discount

BSI Journals

Volumes from 1980 through 2000

image Back issues of the BSI Journals (6 issues per volume) are available as long as supplies last. Single issues are $5.00. Complete volume sets are priced below
$12.00 a flat price, no discount

Volumes from 2000 through current issues

image Back issues of the BSI Journals (6 issues per volume) are available as long as supplies last. Single issues are $5.00. Complete volume sets are priced below
$15.00 a flat price, no discount


A Bromeliad Glossary 3rd edition


Alphabetical List of Bromeliad Binomials

image This list is presented as a spelling guide for validly published taxa accepted at the Bromeliad Identification Center. The list contains the following information: (1) Genus number (based on the systematic sequence published in the Smith & Downs monograph) (2) Species number (3) Genus & species name (4) Subspecific taxa (5) Author name.
This list enumerates 3086 species of bromeliads among 57 genera and two nothogenera

Bromeliaceae Names and Synonyms

image An alphabetical list of bromeliad synonyms from Abromeitiella to Wittrockia by Derek Butcher May 2007
8 1/2 x 11 format with plastic comb binding, 187 pages

Cultural Manual

image This Cultural Manual is new. It has been updated to reflect the recent genera changes. New full color photographs have been added to reflect these changes. The focus has changed to include the frequently asked questions of the indoor and greenhouse grower as well as the outdoor grower and the new bromeliad enthusiast. The information added for temperature, light and humidity requirements for each genus in the Bromeliaceae family was written by Herb Plever, one of the best indoor growers in the world. Special attention has been paid to our international growers and their accomplishments. You will enjoy this colorful booklet as an instructional guide, the perfect gift and promotional item
Quantity Price Breaks: (1-10) $4.00/3.00, (11-50) $3.25/2.50, (51+) $2.75/2.25

Handbook for Judges

image Second Edition 1987, 143 pages, published by The Bromeliad Society International. This handbook covers all the aspects of planning, organizing, and judging the Standard Bromeliad Society International Show. It also establishes the requirements for accreditation of BSI judges and the criteria for judging the genera.

Journal of the Bromeliad Society 50 Year Index

image This index covers the contents of the Journal of the Bromeliad Society and its predecessor the Bromeliad Society Bulletin from the first issue in 1951 through the November-December 2000 issue.

For ease of use, the index is divided into three separate sections, Plants, People, and Titles and Topics. The three sections are color-coded for quick differentiation. The middle section, People, is printed on green paper, thereby nicely dividing it from the other two sections printed on white paper. The citations in the Plants section are further categorized into Illustrations, Text, or Mention. This index covers the contents of the Journal of the Bromeliad Society and
This monumental work is really 3 indices in one large (8.5" x 11") book of 380 pages.

The Concise Bromeliad Cultivar Registry

image The Concise Bromeliad Cultivar Registry Updated to the End of 2007.

The first cultivar registry was published in 1998. It listed 4874 cultivar names and was 400 pages -- cost $40.00 US. This 2008 edition lists 9533 cultivar names in alphabetical order with the names of the hybridizers.
8 1/2 x 11 format with plastic comb binding 182 pages

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