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JBS 62(6) Harry Luther Commemorative Issue

By editor on May 14, 2013 in Recent News

JBS-62(6)_Web-1We have finished a special 96 page commemorative journal celebrating the life of Harry E. Luther.  This issue has been sent to the printer and should be arriving in all locations soon.

This issue includes:

Memories of Harry Luther
Mike Bush   

Vale Harry
Derek Butcher  

About Harry
Chester Skotak

Vriesea harrylutheri In Sterile Growing Medium
Hiroyuki Takizawa

A Very Rare Nocturnal Flowering New Puya From Amazonas, Venezuela
Eric J. Gouda

Learning From Harry Luther
Brian Sidoti

Racinaea lutheri, A New Racinaea From Amazonian Ecuador
Jose Manzanares & Walter Till

Remembering Harry E. Luther
Dennis Cathcart

Harry Luther’s Links To Cultivars
Geoff Lawn

Ananas ananassoides
Harry E. Luther

Pepinia beachiae
Harry E. Luther

Aechmea nudicaulis var. aureorosea & Achema cylindrata
Harry E. Luther

Guzmania adscendens, An Unusual New Species From Northwestern Ecuador
Harry E. Luther & Karen Norton

Photos Of Harry Luther
Bruce Holst

Harry Edward Luther
Lynn Hudson

Two New Hohenbergia Species From Brazil:  A Tribute To Harry Luther
Elton M.C. Leme

Bromeliad Species Named After Harry Luther
Theresa M. Bert, Michael Andreas & Walter Till

About Harry, Bromeliads & His Deep Influence On My Academic Career
Ivon M. Ramirez Morillo, Ph. D

Remembering Harry Luther
Herb Plever

Memories Of Harry E. Luther & Dedication Of Two New Cultivars
Hiroyuki Tazikawa MD, Ph. D

Photos Of A Few Species Described By Harry E. Luther
Peter Tristram

A New Short-leaved Variety Of Werauhia insignis
Dr. Jason Grant



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