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Neoregelia Rody Duterte Makes an International Splash

By Andy Siekkinen on July 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Neoregelia Rody DuterteA plant that has recently been registered in the BSI Bromeliad Cultivar Registry has been making international news. Neoregelia Rody Duterte, created in the Philippines by Ziegfred “Bebot” Onari, was named after the newly elected President of the country and highlighted in the Sun.Star news. This plant adds to the plants registered in the past year from the United State of America, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, China and more. It is great to see new cultivars being produced in so many places around the world.

It is great to not only see new bromeliads being created around the world but also to see them drawing attention to this wonderful plant family. The BSI supports this growth in interest around the world.

Often it can be difficult to find a name that fits the plant, but as Joan Onari who registered the plant on behalf of her husband explained in the Sun.Star article about this plant:
“Three years ago, we asked the permission of Maam Elizabeth (Duterte) to name the variety after the Mayor now President Rody Duterte as the plant personifies his strong and colorful personality with a heart.”

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  1. Giedrius Lokianskas August 30, 2016

    What a beauty!

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