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The Bromeliad Society International (BSI) believes strongly in supporting bromeliad research and conservation, recognizes the importance of healthy and intact native habitats to maintaining bromeliad species diversity in nature, and supports public education about bromeliads. To further these goals and ideals, the BSI offers a funding opportunity made possible by its generous donors and supporters. The fund is named in memory of Victoria PadilLa and Harry E. Luther who worked for decades to study, conserve, and promote appreciation of this amazing plant family.

Grant request limits $500 – $2000 US
Use of funds Travel and equipment for lab or fieldwork, travel to visit herbaria, botanical gardens, or to attend important bromeliad meetings.
Proposal deadlines There is no deadline.
Who can apply Undergraduate or graduate students, professional researchers.
What to submit Assemble the following into a single pdf document:

  • Cover letter including name, Institution and address, email, and proposal title (1 page)
  • Proposal (including title, summary of objectives, and importance of proposed work, narrative, literature cited – three pages maximum in English, Spanish, or Portuguese)
  • Timeline and detailed budget (1 page)
  • Curriculum vitae or resumé
  • Letter of support from advisor (for students; 1 page)
Where to submit Applications should be sent via email attachment to Bruce Holst (
Proposal evaluation All proposals are evaluated by a group of professional researchers, who will strive to return an answer within four weeks of receipt.
Reporting requirements Reports are required within 1.5 years of receiving the funds. These include:

  • 1-page report on results of work.
  • Summary of how funds were spent and copies of receipts to justify purchases, travel, etc.
  • Submission of one popular-level article to the Journal of the Bromeliad Society (JBS).
  • Provide a copy of articled published in journals other than the JBS.
Acknowledging the BSI Recipients are requested to acknowledge financial support in all publications stemming from the grant. For example: The authors appreciate receiving financial support from the Harry E. Luther Research, Conservation, and Education Fund of the Bromeliad Society International.
  • The Bromeliad Society International (BSI) requires that applicants hold valid collecting and research permits for work in the field.
  • Tax implications of awarded funds are the responsibility of the recipient.
Questions? Please contact Bruce Holst (


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