Established in 1950


The rules for becoming an affiliated society of the BSI are listed in Standing Rule 2 of the bylaws of the Bromeliad Society International replicated here for your convenience:


  1. The conditions of affiliation are:
    1. To accept the provisions of the BSI bylaws.
    2. To support the decisions of the Board of Directors.
    3. To encourage voting membership in the BSI and to suggest the local officers to be voting members.
    4. To pay dues annually at the prescribed rate.
    5. To keep the membership secretary informed of the names and addresses of the local officers.
  2. The procedure for applying for affiliation status follows:
    1. Address a letter to the chairman of the Affiliated Societies Committee containing:
      1. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the officers of the applicant society.
      2. A copy of the bylaws of the applicant.
      3. A statement of acceptance of the conditions stated above in paragraph 1.
      4. Payment of dues at the affiliated society rate.
      5. The address to which The Journal is to be mailed on a regular basis. The librarian of the applicant society is the preferred addressee.
      6. The signatures of five members of the applicant society who are also voting members of the BSI.
    2. The chairman, Affiliated Societies Committee on receipt of the application shall:
      1. Review the application without delay to insure that the conditions stated above have been met.
      2. Forward the completed application for provisional acceptance to the membership secretary and, at the same time
      3. Recommend affiliation status to the president for approval by the Board of Directors at the next annual meeting.
    3. The membership secretary shall, subject to any necessary clarification of data, enroll the applicant society and begin The Journal subscription.
    4. The president shall recommend affiliation status of the applicant society to the board at the next annual meeting.
  3. Affiliation shall continue subject to active compliance with the conditions stated in paragraph 1.
  4. Affiliation shall be canceled by a two-thirds vote of the board on the recommendation of:
    1. The Affiliated Societies Committee chairman if the affiliate fails to meet the conditions stated in paragraph 1 a-d, or:
    2. The membership secretary if the affiliate fails to pay its dues after a suitable reminder has been mailed.
  5. The decision of the board to cancel affiliation status may be reconsidered if the Affiliated Societies Committee chairman or the membership secretary submits evidence that compliance has been restored. Reinstatement shall require a two-thirds vote.

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