Established in 1950


The BSI Seed Bank acts as a clearinghouse for the exchange and distribution of bromeliads by seed. This is an excellent method of obtaining many uncommon or even rare plants that have not found their way into common cultivation yet. With a little patience, you can have the satisfaction of growing a plant from germination up to flowering size. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that the seeds are as described. The BSI seed bank has been around a long time and experience shows that most seeds are as described, however, it’s not uncommon to find that some offerings contain hybrid seeds. Conditions of the BSI Seed Bank are as follows:

  • Seed may only be ordered by members of BSI.
  • Packets [at least 10 seeds] are US$3.00 each.
  • Orders being shipped within the USA are shipped for free.
  • You may pay by check or credit card via PayPal. Just email in your order and you will be emailed an invoice that you can pay online.
  • Some seed are in short supply. Please include a substitution list; otherwise a credit memo will be issued that may be exchanged for seed or cash.
  • Any exception to order limits or packet size is listed by that item.
  • Donation of seeds are gladly accepted.
  • Trade of seed will be handled as maximum of two Seed Bank Packets sent to you for each LARGE packet of seed that you send in.
  • Species only.
  • Foreign customers please use international money orders which are available at banks and post offices or just pay online.

Send orders and make checks payable to:

Bryan Windham
2401 43rd St.
Kenner, La. 70065

Below is the latest listing of seeds that are available.

August 2021 Seed List

Aechmea emmerichiae
Aechmea kertesziae
Aechmea nudicaulis La tigra
Aechmea politii
Aechmea recurvata red form
Aechmea tillandsioides
Billbergia nutans ‘minima’
Catopsis nutans
Deuterocohnia longipetalia silver
Dyckia brevifolia
Encholirium sp. unknown
Fosterella rusbyi
Fosterella species 1983-0041A
Fosterella spectabilis
Fosterella villosula
Guzmania monostachia var. alba
Orthophytum foliosum
Pitcairnia capixabae
Pitcairnia ferrellingramiae
Pitcairnia maidifolia
Pitcairnia nigra
Pitcairnia staminea
Puya berteroniana
Puya mirabilis
Tillandsia floridana
Vriesea ‘green nova’


While the purpose of the Seed Bank has been to encourage the growing and distribution of bromeliad species, there have been requests for and donations of seeds from hybrids. The BSI encourages all to participate in the experience of growing from seed and therefore, will on occasion list the availability of donated seeds from other than species bromeliads. Those requesting seeds from this portion of the list should be aware that plants grown from seeds of hybrids will likely not resemble the seed parent and must always be labelled appropriately to avoid confusion.

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