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Speakers 2022 World Conference


Speaker Location Topic

Speaker Presentations on June 10th and 11th

Julián Aguirre-Santoro Colombia Bromeliads of Colombia:  Diversity, Conservation and Evolution
Graeme Barclay New Zealand Broms in the Bush – and the BSD
Cristy Brenner California Bromeliad Adventures in Peru
Eric Gouda Netherlands The Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads Project
Bruce Holst Florida Ecosystem Services Provided by Bromeliads
Elton Leme Brazil Ananas Revisited – A Review of the Ananasoid Complex
Jerry Raack Ohio Colorful Higher Elevation Bromeliads of Southern Ecuador
Ivon Ramirez Mexico No More Little Pieces but the Whole Kit and Caboodle: Plastomes in Hechtioideae

Banquet Keynote Speaker on June 11th

Elton Leme Brazil Amazonian Neoregelia


More information on the speakers and their presentations will be posted in the near future on this page.

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