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Submissions to the Journal of the Bromeliad Society

We welcome submissions from any researchers, societies, commercial operators and hobbyists in ANY country who are involved in the study, cultivation or conservation of bromeliads.

Your article must not violate any copyright or other personal proprietary right of any person or entity. When an article is submitted with multiple authors we expect the corresponding author to have obtained approval to publish from all co-authors.

The Journal publishes both scientific and general interest material, approximately in equal parts. scientific articles and reviews are peer reviewed by our Scientific Review Panel and submissions should be sent to the Editor General articles and advertising can be sent to the Assistant Editor


We prefer you send us Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx). Is this is difficult for you, you may send .rtf or .txt.  It is best if you do not set paragraph indents, line spacing, line justification or other similar formatting because these are all stripped out when files are input into our printing setup program that uses a consistent layout for all articles. Please use bold and italics where needed but leave other formatting out.

You can include images in your text files if you want to, but we will not be able to use these for printing, they will need to be sent separately – see photo section below.

Readers are very keen on seeing your photos so please include some, labelled “figure 1,”  “figure 2” etc. and put a list of captions at the end of your text. If any photos are not yours we must give the photographer credit and you will need to have gained permission from them to use their photo(s).


For printing we need 300dpi at print size. A full page needs to print at 6.25in. x 9.25in. We would normally not go lower than 2in. width and prefer to be at 4.65in. width for inside pages.


We don’t always need to have your images sent to us at 300dpi – we can adjust them to an appropriate print size along with any minor adjustments necessary to exposure or brightness. without losing quality. Probably your camera will only produce .jpg images – that’s ok. If it produces other formats or .raw files don’t try changing it. If you have a fancy camera, Adobe RGB color space is fine, otherwise whatever your camera produces will do.


If you are taking new photos we suggest you set your camera to the highest number of megapixels that it is capable of. You should have a settings menu that has an item called image “size” with options for small, medium or large, or maybe “quality” with low, medium or high options. When your camera (or high-end mobile) is new it will probably have these set to the medium option. Please reset it to the highest option.


Once you have copied your images from your camera to a folder on your computer please do not alter them in any way. If you want to re-size them, crop them, or make any other adjustments to them please save the changed file in a different folder. The original file you downloaded has the maximum amount of information available in it, and any changes can only reduce information and hence quality.

Sending us your photos

If you have files for either category that are too large to email and you don’t have an alternate method, you can send them to the Editor (see below) who will process them and if appropriate pass them on the Assistant Editor to review.


For sending us files too large to email we have a facility for you to copy your files direct from your computer to us over the internet. The Editor can send you a link to our site (on DropBox) and you just click on the link and it will ask you to upload your files.

If you need a print of this page, use this link to the PDF file.

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