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Submissions to the Journal of the Bromeliad Society

File types & Formatting Text
All text files should be sent in Microsoft Word format. All word processors apparently have the capability of saving files in this format. Please remember to save your files explicitly in MSWord doc or docx format before sending them. Minimal formatting is desirable in the text of any submissions. As long as you use a reasonably common word processor font, we can modify both the font and the font size with minimal effort. Use bold and italic fonts as needed in your manuscript, but don’t worry about setting paragraph indents, line spacing, line justification or other similar formatting commands. It is easier for us to format the entire text at once during editing and layout.

Charts, Graphs & Tables
Computer-generated charts and graphs often have to be reworked, because they do not have printed lines thick enough or with sufficient resolution. Even if they look good as a PDF, they don’t always transfer in a useable form to InDesign (the layout program we use). If you are submitting a computer-generated figure, please try to print an original in as high a resolution as possible. Tables usually have to be redone to fit the Journal format (mainly the page size), so there is no need to spend a lot of time getting the table format perfect before submission.

Please try to send accompanying photo files as separate attachment JPEG or JPG files on an email and label them “Figure 1”, “Figure 2” etc in the order you would like to see them used throughout the text. You are welcome to embed photos in a document to indicate how you would like to see the photos arranged, but please also send the separate files for each photo at full resolution (see below guidelines). The reason is photos embedded in a word processing program, or a PDF, are frequently resized, and may be below the resolution needed for printing after they are extracted. The same problem exists for some photo sharing websites. Your ideas for layout will be followed to the extent possible, but may have to be modified to fit the Journal format.

– We need 300dpi at print size for photos.
– A photo intended for printing as a full-page figure must have minimum dimensions 1500 x 2100. In jpg format, that would be a file of approximately 1 Mb in size. Photos should ideally be 200-300 Kb minimum, up to 1 Mb in file size. Please check all of your photo sizes when attaching them to send.
– We can always use photos with higher resolution than 300dpi. It allows us to crop the photos when needed and use them at the optimum printed size.

Photo Captions
We also require a text file list of all the photo captions (descriptions) you would like to see used under each of your photos. The list should be made in the following format, so it is easy for the editors to copy and use. Also make sure you include the photographer’s name for photo credit in each caption and ensure you have gained appropriate permission from the photographer if it is not your own photo being used.

eg: Figure 10. Close up view of the flowers of Neoregelia gigas. Photo by Graeme Barclay.

Making Submissions

Articles are welcome from ALL institutions, societies and hobbyists in ALL countries who are involved in the study, cultivation and conservation of bromeliads. Articles and photographs should be submitted via email as follows:

– All Scientific & BSI material  articles – to Andrew Flower (Editor) –
– All General, Cultivation, Affiliate, Advertising articles – to Graeme Barclay (Assistant Editor) –

If you would like to discuss any cultivation/general article topics or check details before submission, please contact the Assistant Editor, or one of the other committee members below who will be happy to assist.

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