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World Conference Speakers Sponsorship Program

By editor on May 26, 2013 in Recent News

The BSI is an all-volunteer organization. Officers, directors and committee chairs travel to the annual board meetings and world conferences entirely at their own expense, often putting in long hours working to ensure that the BSI is best served and that conferences are the enjoyable events that we have all come to expect. Sometimes we overlook the fact that speakers at world conferences are also among the many unpaid volunteers that make up our organization. Everyone would like to hear from the same authors of articles that you see in the Journal, but for many of these researchers, travel costs are prohibitive. Although we would like to be able to help with those costs for speakers coming from countries remote from conference locations, the budget of BSI simply can’t support it. That’s why we are asking for your help in a new “World Conference Speakers Sponsorship” program. Your tax deductible donations will be used from this special account solely to help defray some of the travel costs our speakers are faced with and will ensure that world conferences continue to offer speakers programs with the pre-eminent names in the bromeliad community .

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