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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13344) 2016-03-05

DYCKIA ‘Matariki’ Thorut C / Andrew Devonshire* 2008

Mature rosette to 25cm. diameter. Recurving, broad maroon leaves, tapering to a point. Heavily scurfed on new growth with white trichomes, less so on outer leaf portions. Large, dense, white retrorse spines. The foliage reverse is solidly scurfed white. Bred in Thailand but seed-raised in New Zealand. Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter late May or early June. For many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year. Grex siblings = D. 'Ata Rangi', 'Te Ariki', 'Kina', 'Koru', 'Marama', 'Taniwha'. Reg. Doc. 3/2016 by A Devonshire.
Country of origin: Thailand / N.Zealand

Seed Parent: marnier-lapostollei Pollen Parent: Charlot