LBVBS 2010 Show

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Best in Show

Best in Show:  Plant
Best in Show: Plant
Dyckia 'Bill Paylen'
Best in Show:  Artistic
Best in Show: Artistic

Division Winners

Division Winner:  Aechmea
Aechmea division:
Aechmea 'Burgundy'
Division Winner:  Bi-generic
Bi-generic division:
Neophytum 'Burgundy Hill'
Division Winner:  Billbergia
Billbergia division:
Billbergia 'Bellesima'
Division Winner:  Canistrum
Canistrum division:
Canistrum leopardium
Division Winner:  Cryptanthus
Cryptanthus divison:
Cryptanthus hybrid
Division Winner:  Deuterocohnia
Deuterocohnia division:
Deuterocohnia lorentzii
Division Winner:  Dyckia
Dyckia division:
Dyckia 'Bill Paylen'
Division Winner:  Guzmania
Guzmania division:
Guzmania harlingii
Division Winner:  Hechtia
Hechtia division:
Hechtia sp. collected in Guerrero, Mexico
Division Winner:  Neoregelia
Neoregelia division:
Neo. 'Fireball' X Neo. wilsoniana
Division Winner:  Other
Other division:
Encholirium horridum
Division Winner:  Quesnelia
Quesnelia division:
Quesnelia marmorata 'Tim Plowman'
Division Winner:  Tillandsia
Tillandsia division:
Tillandsia sp.
Division Winner:  Vrisea
Vrisea division:
Vrisea 'Arden'

Entered Plants

Aechmea Bert
Aechmea 'Bert'
Aechmea Black Panther
Aechmea 'Black Panther'
Aechmea Burgundy
Aechmea 'Burgundy'
Aechmea comata var. makoyana
Aechmea comata var. makoyana
Aechmea recurvata
Aechmea recurvata

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