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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11824) 2016-03-05

DYCKIA ‘Taniwha’ Thorut C / Devonshire A* 2008

Mature rosette to 20cms. wide x 18cms. high. Recurving, broad, tapering mahogany leaves with white hooked spines. Foliage reverse is heavily coated with trichomes. Erect, slightly-branched spike to 70cms. tall with orange flowers . "Taniwha" is a Maori mythological word meaning "guardian". Grex siblings = D. 'Kina', 'Koru', 'Te Ariki', 'Marama', 'Ata Rangi', 'Matariki'. Reg. Doc. 11/2013 by A. Devonshire.
Country of origin: Thailand/N Zealand

Seed Parent: marnier-lapostollei Pollen Parent: Charlot