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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13337) 2016-03-05

DYCKIA ‘Ata Rangi’ Thorut C / Andrew Devonshire* 2008

Mature rosette to 20cms. diameter. Recurving, silvery grey leaves heavily scurfed and with large white spines. Each leaf is imprinted from the previous growth layer and spines. Bred in Thailand but seed-raised in New Zealand. "Ata Rangi " is Maori, meaning "Morning Sky" or "New Beginning". Grex siblings = D. 'Te Ariki', 'Kina', 'Koru', 'Marama', 'Taniwha, 'Matariki'. Reg. Doc. 3/2016 by A Devonshire.
Country of origin: Thailand / N.Zealand

Seed Parent: marnier-lapostollei Pollen Parent: Charlot