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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (2360) --

DYCKIA ‘Lad Cutak’ Foster, M.B. 1943

cv. of brevifolia X leptostachya - Padilla said, "A floriferous and frost-resistant plant w/glabrous leaves in maroon green on upper surfaces - inflorescence up to 3' long emerges laterally between the leaves and has 40-60 yellow orange flowers" - leaves 6-10" long - may have up to 5 spikes. Foster said, "My new hybrid - bronze-red leaves - spiny - does best outside in warm climate - tall flowering stalk of orange flowers".

Seed Parent: brevifolia Pollen Parent: leptostachya
JBS 5:35; 9:61; 11:10ill; 22:83; 37:99,104, BromsPadilla 126, BromKramer 108ill